Thursday, July 30, 2015

Vintage Shops

At the beginning of this year my mom began refinishing furniture, which she's really good at. She especially liked refinishing dressers; and, at one point she was on the search for a very specific style dresser. She couldn't find it on any of the used furniture sites that she usually found furniture on, so she decided to go look at the local thrift/vintage shops. We have quite a few around where we live, so there was tons to see. We spent nearly an entire day looking around all of the different shops, and ever since then we've been obsessed with vintage/thrift shopping.

Whenever we have a day where there's nothing planned, we can usually be found at the vintage shops. My mom, of course is usually more interested in looking at the furniture, whereas I love looking at all of the many knick-knacks. I especially love looking through old books (as pictured below). There's something that I think is so interesting about owning a book that so many others before you have owned.

We usually stick to the same four stores, but today we decided to venture out and look at a few different shops. Here are some pictures of the many interesting things we found...

My mom actually used to own this record when she was younger!

I hope you enjoyed looking through those photos! That's all for now. See you next time!

-Melissa P. Cooper

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