Wednesday, June 1, 2016

So Many Exciting Things

As I reflect on everything that has happened over the past month I can't help but feel overjoyed with everything that has happened! As summer draws near, there have been a lot of changes, which I thought I would tell you about today.

No. 1: I TURNED TWENTY. On May 14th I celebrated my 7300 day of being alive, also refereed to as my twentieth birthday, with my family and it was perfect. I played endless games of go fish with my siblings, which may sound boring but I promise you it wasn't. In fact, at one point Zac LITERALLY jumped across the coffee table, yelling at Kaitlin for withholding the card that he needed to win. This then led to everyone cheating, and withholding cards, which was tons of fun (Kaitlin was the only one that got caught). We also ate tons of cake and ice cream (ice cream cake, to be more exact) as one does on their birthday. 

No. 2: I COMPLETED MY ASSOCIATE DEGREE. Yes, I have officially finished the requirements to obtain my very first college degree, and it was a bittersweet experience. On one hand I am excited to have my first real college level degree, but on the other hand I am sad to be leaving the school I have been going to for the past two years. Although I was less than thrilled when I first realized I was going to be attending the local junior college, I have grown to love it over the past two years. My first semester I tried my best to devalue everything about this school, simply because of the fact that it was a two year college (also referred to as 'grade 13' by everyone I went to high school with). But, after my first week of finals I realized that it very much WAS a real school. I was just as stressed and sleep deprived as kids who were paying triple as much to attend a fancy four year university. Once I got over the stigma that is placed on community colleges and the students who attend it (as well as the snooty comments which I heard from at least every 1 out 5 people, such as, "You do plan on attending a REAL school one day, right?"), I began to truly enjoy my time there. I had some amazing professors, made a few friends, and maintained a 3.8 GPA. All in all I would say it was a success, but now it is time to move on to a new school, which leads to my next exciting change...

No. 3: I HAVE BEEN ACCEPTED TO A NEW UNIVERSITY! I will be attending a four year university this upcoming fall, and I am so excited about it. Although it isn't what I would call my dream school, it is still a fantastic school, which is recognized for their programs to do with my majors (journalism and international studies). It also happens to be located only about half an hour from our new house, which is my next point.

No. 4: WE BUILT A HOUSE. I can't even begin to put into words how incredibly thankful I am that this actually happened. Not just because it means that I no longer have to share a room (no offense Kaitlin <3), but also because my parents deserve it so much! They are two of the most hardworking,
deserving people that I know, and I am so glad that this dream of theirs, which they once thought to be impossible, was able to come true. Today, we moved some of the first boxes into the house and it was so very exciting.

No. 5: I WENT TO MY FIRST MUSIC FESTIVAL. If you know me, you will know that I am not one to do anything even moderately adventurous; but, I have decided that this is my year of trying to change that. The first venture I decided to take was to a day long music festival called Edgefest, which my big brother convinced me to go to. He invited me to tag along with him and his friends for the weekend, which helped to make the entire festival experience a little less intimidating. When we first got to Toyota Stadium I was super nervous. Nothing can really prepare you for how massive the crowds or going to be, or the overwhelming smell of weed that is constantly lingering in the air; but, as the day went on I began to have more fun. Although I didn't dance like crazy, or join in on the crowd surfing, I was having fun. There were so many great bands, and even though my ears were ringing for a good two days afterwards, it was so worth it. After that I decided that I for sure wanted to go to another music festival, so I bought a ticket to ACL.

I can't wait to see what other exciting things 2016 has in store for me!

-Melissa P. Cooper

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